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Plant equipment is widely used for

Our stainless steel products are mainly used in the production of electronic components, mobile phone parts, computer hard drives and connectors, button batteries, injection syringes, fiber optic cables, textile reeds, piston rings, cylinder gaskets, chemical fillers, bellows, fine welded tubes and other areas of high precision stainless steel special materials.

American twenty roll
Sendzimir high-precision reversible rolling mill
The American imported twenty series Sendzimir high precision reversible mill is capable of speeds up to 650 m/min, with automatic series proportioning, and is equipped with an AGC automatic downward deflection correction system that ensures that overall tolerances are maintained to within ± 0.002 mm.

Pulling and straightening machines
Twenty-three rolls tension leveler with automatic online surface inspection, defects alarm, and remote defects record function to ensure accurate production process and instant record of status.

Continuous bright annealing furnace
The company is equipped with four of horizontal continuous bright annealing furnaces in China, with a capacity of 200 tons per day; the capacity of a single annealing furnace is three times that of a conventional annealing furnace.
Steel coil cleaning lines
Used to clean oil and other stains from the surface of cold rolled coils to send them to the annealing furnace or factory.

Why choose us

1. 15 years experience in manufacturing precision stainless steel strip.

2. Competitive price and professional technical team.

3. Cooperate with many famous enterprises at home and abroad.

4. Strong production capacity. Perfect production system and fast response time.

5. Good after-sales service experience.

The company's excellent geographical location and lean management team reduce transport and manpower costs; through strict control of procurement costs and the implementation of efficient production control, production costs are reduced; and the professional technical team and technical service team can consistently provide new products with better cost performance.

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